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Are you interested in getting a new floor for your home or office? If so, look no further than Above All Floors. As a full-service flooring supplier and installation company in the Charlotte-Metrolina region, we appreciate your taking a few minutes to learn more about how we can help you. While the highlighted counties are our primary market, we will service all commercial and residential properties within a 50-mile radius of Charlotte, NC.

Contact a member of our sales team today to schedule your FREE consultation. We will even bring samples to your location!


As a business we understand the importance of putting your best foot forward. Whether you are a new business or transitioning one, you want your facility to fit your brand and style. Not only do we carry a wide selection of flooring perfect for your space, but our team will install and even clean the newly installed floor so you can get your doors open faster. Call us today for a free consultation.


Did you just purchase a home or is it time to replace your floors? If so, we understand what it means to "feel like home." Whether you are a fan of hardwood floors or carpet, are looking for a less expensive alternative or want a nice combination of all flooring styles, we are ready to help you choose the flooring that will make you proud to call it your home. Call us for a free consultation.

Our 5 Step Process

  1. FREE Onsite Estimate to insure  an accurate estimate as possible. During this onsite meeting we will even bring samples to you!
  2. Schedule the install – After you have received and approve the estimate you can schedule your installation date.
  3. Product Acclamation – At times it is necessary to acclimate your flooring before installation.
  4. Install – We will show up on time and do our very best to manage the installation to finish on time.
  5. Cleanup – All debris and scraps will be removed and cleaned up where we have worked before we leave the job.

Meet Our Sales Team

Not sure who to call? Click on the featured salesperson. If you are looking to connect with a salesperson you know, then please click on their image to access their phone number, other contact information, and bio.

Types of Flooring

As a full-service flooring and installation company, we handle all parts of the process. This includes helping you identify the optimal flooring for each location. Below is a brief description of the major flooring categories and how we can help you.


Carpet allows you to transform your entire home.  Bring beauty and warmth into your home with the affordable style of Carpet.  Trust Above All Floors to meet and exceed your carpet flooring needs.  Click here to learn more or call today for a COMPLIMENTARY estimate for carpet installation in your home.


Add value to your home with the beauty and style of hardwood flooring.  With many choices from the hardwood manufactures you can go from traditional to contemporary.  Above All Floors also provides hardwood sand and finish work in which we can refinish and restore your hardwoods to their natural beauty.  Click here to learn more or call today for a COMPLIMENTARY estimate for hardwood flooring installation or refinishing for your home.


Laminate flooring brings the luxurious look of hardwoods into your home while also being durable and affordable.  Click here to learn more or call today for a  COMPLIMENTARY estimate for laminate flooring installation in your home.

Tile (Ceramic)

Ad a pop of color, texture a sophistication to any living space within your home.  Tile floors and backsplashes can transform any room in your home.  Click here to learn more or call today for a COMPLIMENTARY estimate for tile flooring or backsplash in your home.


Vinyl flooring brings incredible beauty at affordable pricing to your home.  You can bring the perfect style to your home with all of the options on the market today.  Click here to learn more or call today for a COMPLIMENTARY estimate for vinyl flooring in your home today.

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